“Mr. Hofmann represented me in a very complex and unique family matter. His experience and knowledge were invaluable helping me make the right decisions. I highly recommend Mr. Hofmann and would trust his firm with the most sensitive family matters.”

HOFMANN LAW FIRM is managed by Keith Hofmann, who has been practicing law for almost 15 years. Mr. Hofmann is a collaborative and communicative professional with a diverse background in family, municipal, and employment law. He has worked in global corporate organizations as well as law firms since 2004.

Mr. Hofmann has successfully litigated in both New Jersey federal and state courts in all matters related to both family law and employment law.

With a smaller firm comes many advantages to the client, particularly in family matters. You will be dealing with the head of the firm instead of being handed off to an inexperienced associate that will still bill at an inflated billable rate. Smaller firms are able to service client needs more directly without having to move through the bureaucracy of larger firms while keeping costs down.


PROBLEM SOLVING- As an astute problem solver, careful listener, and compassionate attorney, Mr. Hofmann comprehends the necessity of translating stressful and complex legal issues into everyday language to create understanding and confidence for clients, who are swirling in an emotional whirlwind.

All areas of family law, including adoptions, civil unions, divorce, prenuptial agreements, child custody, alimony, and post judgement matters.