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What to Expect From Your Initial Meeting with a Family Attorney?


For many people, this meeting is their first contact with an attorney and can occur during one of the most stressful times in a person’s life; divorce. Some clients come to the meeting ready to file divorce papers the day they meet with the attorney, while others have been served papers and are looking for guidance as to what to do next. Others may be considering divorce, or shopping around and interviewing with a few attorneys before making any decisions. Before walking in the door, you should already have had a discussion with the law firm when scheduling the appointment to know if you will be expected to pay for the consultation, and the rate/flat fee you will be charged.

As a potential client, even if you do not end up retaining the attorney, your discussions with the attorney are still protected under the attorney-client privilege. When meeting with the family law attorney, particularly during the initial consult, the attorney should be doing more listening than talki