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Custody and Co-Parenting Tips for Back to School


The new school year is here.  For many families, this means organizing calendars, setting up school activities, and parent-teacher conferences.  When a child’s parents no longer live together and the parents are either separated or divorced, the challenges for back to school can become exponentially more complex.  Below are a few tips that can make this time of year less challenging.

Download A Co-Parenting App

In a previous blog posting, we discussed and reviewed various apps made specifically for parents who live apart and must co-parent.  These smartphone apps help with communication, scheduling, medical appointments, and keeping your child’s day to day activities in order.

Keep in Mind the Big Picture

When co-parenting, the two options are either the parents agree, or they must return to court and seek assistance with the judge.  Parenting is typically set out in Settlement Agreements under custody and parenting time.  Life changes and often, the agreements that the parties enter must change with it.  An experienced family attorney can assist you and your co-parent to revise and update your Agreement through the use of a consent order, addressing the new problem and solving it without needing to return to court.

Communicate with the Child In Mind

Parents who live separately too often get wrapped up in their own past and lose sight of what is important; the child’s happiness and wellbeing.  Often a child is used as a leverage tool by one parent against the other, only adding tension and stress to all parties, including the child.  Be sure to keep the communication with your co-parent factual and with a child-focused purpose.


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