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Happy Holidays With Children and Divorce


by Keith Hofmann

How do handle the holiday season with your children. Your emotions are flying high, yet you still want your little ones to believe in this magical time of year.

Below are a few tips on helping you, your spouse and your children how to get through this upcoming holiday season:

  1. Plan:  Don’t wait till the day before. Do it now. If you and your spouse can’t come up with a mutual plan, contact your divorce attorney, so that a plan can be worked out. Your attorney may need to go to court to assure you that you can see your children during the holidays.

  1. In most cases children should see both parents:  Most divorce agreements will alternate the holidays from year to year. If you are in the middle of your divorce and all of this is new, you may want to consider one parent getting Christmas Eve and the other Christmas Day, splitting the day or even spending the day together. Perhaps involve the children in this discussion so that they feel comfortable on what they are doing and what makes everyone happy.

  1. Spend other days together.  This is the perfect time to take that vacation day you had coming. Go skating, go see the city lights, shop and wrap together or go see the latest Holiday movie. Having one on one with your children makes them feel special and you feel less guilty. We all need a day off.

  1. Gifts Galore:  At a time like this it is tempting to buy gifts to out shine the other parent. Buying “love” is a short term selfish act. You should buy meaningful gifts that are well thought out. Maybe gifts that involve experiences. Day trips, events and experiences are what we remember when we grow up. Not the $80 item that all the kids have.

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