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High Conflict divorce and school counseling


School Counselors and Divorce

How to get aid in helping children stuck between high-conflict divorcing parents and school.

Behavioral and emotional problems in children are often seen in high-conflict divorce situations. Children with intense conflict are stressed and deal with anxiety in many ways. They feel insecure and afraid. Insecurity can cause growth and developmental issues within. The behavior signs can be shame and guilt, anger and aggression or withdrawing from teachers and friends. Signs are often seen in grades and social habits— on the playground and overall performance. Many children withdraw and/or get angry. School counselors are there to help children with family matters when it affects their behavior in school.

There are various signs a student may exhibit who is having difficulty with a divorce at home. Trained school counselors can watch for parents who tell the children false information or use the children as tools to hurt the other parent, also called parental alienation. Sometimes it is best to meet with all parties at once to avoid false information.

Keep the school informed.

Keeping open communication rather than keeping the conflicts a secret is strongly advised. If you think there is a problem, let the school know what is happening at home. A school counselor can reiterate to both parents that his or her primary obligation for maintaining confidentiality is for the child. It is important that a child can share his or her feelings in a safe space without feeling betrayed by the counselor.

If you feel there may be a problem with your child at school, contact your school counselor today. Advise your lawyer if there is a problem that persists.

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