Property Settlement Agreements (PSAs)

A contentious divorce can be one of the most stressful events someone will experience in their lifetime. Combative court motions that eventually lead to trial and possibly appeal can be quite draining emotionally and financially. Each party has a legal right to have their matter heard in court before a family judge and a determination made. However, the judge’s ultimate decision(s) on serious matters such as child custody and alimony can leave both parties feeling hollow and angry.

In today’s family practice, there is a popular movement by divorcing parties to work towards a negotiated, collaborative or mediated settlement to reduce the venom and hurt. These options return more of the control and decision-making to the parties, who will have to live with the decisions that are made long after the divorce. Property Settlement Agreements (PSAs) are one method to address the list of items that often exist between the parties, such as alimony, custody, property division, and child support. Working together allows the parties to craft unique and original solutions to their disputes that would not be available in a judge’s decision following a trial. Once the parties have agreed upon a PSA, completion of the filed divorce matter becomes a formality.