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Staying Healthy as a Single Parent.


If you’re physically and mentally healthy, your child is likely to happy and healthy too. If you have a healthy lifestyle, it helps to create a healthy and loving environment for your children. Showing your family that you take care of yourself creates a good example for your children.

Keeping physically and mentally healthy means the following:
• Making sure you get enough sleep
• Eating well and exercising
• Taking care of your mental wellbeing.

Cook Healthy, Eat Healthy

Healthy eating and drinking gives you the energy to accomplish things and enjoy your life. Healthy eating involves eating the proper foods and avoiding unhealthy foods and alcohol.

Stay Fit with Regular Activity

Household chores like vacuuming and washing windows burns calories. Get up and get moving. Take long walks and bike rides with your children. Cleaning, pulling weeds or mowing the lawn can be the equivalent to a good workout. Physical activity will lift your energy and, in the end, create a happy and healthy attitude. Fitting in some regular vigorous exercise will help to boost your health. Creating family exercise time will create healthy future habits for your children.

Get Rest and Get Sleep.
Try to take some time for yourself each day. Just 10-15 minutes a day reading a book or doing some type of meditation can help one feel more rested. Ask your child to rest while you do. There is a lot of value to “quiet time”. Sometimes you need to ask for help. Family and friends will most often love to help. Take your parents up on an overnight stay. Your children will get quality time with their Grandparents and you will get a break…a win, win arrangement.

Managing your Mental Health

It is common to go through periods when you feel like life is hard and your responsibilities are overwhelming. When you’re feeling down it is important to talk with someone. Sometimes it is your own children who are pushing things to the breaking point. It is normal to get overwhelmed and feel stressed out. If you are experiencing these feelings, it is important to get help and speak to a professional.
Staying fit mentally and physically will benefit you and all members of your family. A healthy lifestyle is important. Be aware, be healthy and most of all be happy.

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