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The Cost of Divorce- What am I Looking At?


Be wary of divorce websites that claim you can get a divorce for less than $300 in New Jersey. To file for divorce in New Jersey, you must pay a filing fee of $300 to be mailed in with your divorce complaint. You can add another $25 if you have children involved in the divorce. So, at minimum, you are looking at $325 if you decide to complete and file for divorce without counsel.

Like everything, the cost of your divorce is based upon the complexity of your matter: Are their children? What kind of assets and debts do the divorcing parties have? The length of the marriage? Are there any medical issues or disabilities to consider?

The expense of your divorce, if you hire a lawyer, will certainly be more expensive. However, you are paying the lawyer for their time and expertise in guiding you through one of the most stressful times in any person’s life. Divorce ranks up there with death of a spouse and death of a child as to life’s most stressful events. Having someone at your side who knows that you will make it through to a brighter day is worth quite a bit to many people, and will save you many sleepless nights.

Finally, the cost of your divorce will also hinge upon your ability to be reasonable and try and work through the process with your spouse/partner. There are two options to completing a divorce; either the parties agree to terms, or a judge must decide the issues. Involving the courts and having a judge determine your issues is where your costs can reach the tens of thousands of dollars with lawyers.

The best way to plan for your divorce and get a good idea of what kind of attorney fees and expenses you are looking at is to sit with an experienced family practitioner who can assess the issues you are going to run into, and give you an honest, up front assessment.

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